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Spur gear slew drive housings adopt spray treatment

Publish time:2021/03/27 News Views:104

Spur gear slew drives are often presented in very bright colors, the housings of the spur gear slew drives adopt spray, which is equivalent to wearing clothes on spur gear slew drive to ensure that the spur gear slew drive will not rust and resist corrosion, sturdy and durable. Today I will briefly talk about the principles and advantages of spray treatment.


spur gear slew drive


The principle of spray treatment: the plastic powder is made with static electricity by spraying equipment, then the plastic powder is sprayed on the surface of the spur gear slew drive housing. Under the action of the static electricity, the plastic powder will be uniformly absorbed on the surface of the housing to form a layer of plastic powder. For the installation surface that does not need to be sprayed, just protect it. The plastic powder will melt after high temperature baking. After melting, it will level itself.After baking for a certain period of time, stop heating, the housing will slowly cool down. The plastic powder will solidify as the temperature decreases. After curing, a solid film is formed firmly attached to the surface of the housing, spraying is completed.


spur gear slew drive


Advantages of spraying: Pollution prevention and control should be done in accordance with national requirements. The spraying process is pollution-free to the environment and non-toxic to human body. The spur gear slew drive housing has excellent appearance after spraying, plastic powder has strong adhesion, high mechanical strength, short spray curing time and good wear resistance.


If you want to make a perfect spur gear slew drive housing, it’s necessary to do a good job of pretreatment for spraying. The housing has undergone mechanical processing before spraying, during processing, cutting fluid, water, oil, pollutants, etc. will adhere to the surface of the spur gear slew drive housing, these unfavorable factors must be removed before spraying, operate oil removal, rust removal, phosphating and passivation, finally, a rough phosphating film is formed, which can prevent rust and enhance the adhesion of plastic spraying.


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