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Comparison of slewing ring and spur gear slew drive used in truck crane

Publish time:2021/03/27 News Views:670

Truck with loading crane, referred to as truck crane, are a kind of lifting mechanism installed on a cargo truck for the purpose of loading or lifting goods. The lifting mechanism can be lifted up and down, expanded and rotated, the goods can be flexibly lifted and placed in a designated position.


spur gear slew drive

Truck crane use – slewing ring


The rotation of the lifting mechanism is realized on a slewing ring or a slewing drive. The above picture shows a common lifting mechanism with slewing rings. The slewing ring with external gears is equipped with a yellow protective cover to protect the operator and at the same time to protect the equipment. Near the rotating mechanism in the picture, grease is flowing everywhere, quickly losing, the equipment is messy, the grease is contaminated and lost, resulting in frequent grease filling, high maintenance costs and high equipment failure rates.


The spur gear slew drive of Unique transmission can solve the above mentioned problems for customers.


Spur gear slew drive is also called gear type slew drive, it’s composed of slewing bearings, gears, housings, adapter flanges, support bearings, seals and other components. After reasonable design, component manufacturing, debugging, assembly and other processes, the products have the ability to withstand axial force, radial force, tilting moment torque and at the same time has a certain gear ratio, referred to as slewing drive.


spur gear slew drive

Truck crane use – spur gear slew drive


The structure of the spur gear slew drive determines that the spur gear slew drive has the characteristics of dustproof and waterproof, compact design, convenient installation and use, stability, reliability and low failure rate. It is very suitable for outdoor operation vehicles and can be used all-weather.


The truck crane equipped with a spur gear slew drive keeps the equipment clean and new during use, has a low failure rate, no grease loss, not easy to be contaminated, low maintenance frequency, stable operation and long service life.In conclusion,the spur gear slew drive of the Unique Transmission is the best choice for customers to use outdoors.

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