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About us

We focus on providing slewing drive solutions

Unique Transmission Equipment (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company that designs, develops and produces slew drives and Slewing rings. We have a wide range of standard series products to choose from, we also focus on customized slew drive and slewing rings solutions.


Since its establishment, Unique Transmission has won the trust and support of many customers with its high-quality products, excellent slewing scheme design capabilities and quick response services. Unique Transmission can provide not only slew drive products and design solutions, but also provide motors, hydraulic motors and other accessories, as well as various machining products.


We have created 3D models for all standard models of slew drive products. You only need to put this 3D model in your equipment model to verify the feasibility. If the standard slew drive model products are not available, our engineers with rich industry experience can design a new 3D model and work with you to design an ideal slewing transmission solution.


Quick response:
For your inquiry sent to us, we will reply within 24 hours.


Demand analysis:
If you don’t know what type of product to choose or if you need to customize a slewing drive for your equipment, our engineers will help you analyze the selection and work with you to solve these problems.


Quality tracking:
For each production process of each part of the slew drive, our quality personnel will track and record to ensure that each part is qualified and can be delivered within the specified time.


After sales consultation:
Our slew drive warranty time is 12 months. Our engineers can not only solve the pre-sale selection technical consultation for you, but also contact us for any problems encountered during use. Our engineers will serve you wholeheartedly.


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After receiving the requirements from customer, our engineers will first verify it with a standard model of slewing drive. If the standard model of the product can meet the demand, then we will provide technical services and products for standard model of slewing drive; If the standard model of the product cannot meet the demand, then our engineer will design a new slewing drive solution to use.

design slew drive
design slew drive


The slewing drive scheme designed by the engineers will be displayed in 3D software with a 3D effect and installed on the customer’s product to make feasibility verification. If the verification of the plan is suitable, submit for production. While if the verification of the plan is not suitable, modify the plan until the plan is suitable.


The feasible design plan is verified and submitted to the production department, the production department will make a reasonable production plan to ensure that the product can be delivered within the delivery period. Engineers will also dynamically track each production process to ensure that the design plan is accurately implemented.

Processing slew drive
slew drive Application


For qualified products, we will issue a test report, a certificate of conformity and an instruction manual, choose the fastest transportation method to deliver cargoes to customers. We will track and understand the use of the slewing drive in the customers’ machines, provide after-sales technical support and services to customers.

We are happy to help you with your questions. To assist you in the best way,it`s important that you fill out the fome as complete as possible. We try answer your question as soon as possible.

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