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We keep on updating and iterating our products, optimizing the structural design and creating a more scientific and reliable slewing drive device.

We are always improving ———–

Since we started to design and produce the first spur gear drive, optimization design and improvement plan are always in progress.
We improve the processing technology of the housing, reduce processing cost, ensure the stability of the housing, the manufacturing process of the housing is not limited, can quickly and cheaply for customers to customize non-standard products to meet customers’ different use requirements.
We improved the sealing solution of the slewing drive to make the sealing of the slewing drive more reliable and the design is more reasonable, sealing guarantees high reliability of the slewing drive.
We improved the design of gears, unified and standardized the design of the input end to provide convenience for designing different solutions, reduce manufacturing costs, reduce the complexity of design and minimize the occurrence of errors.
Through repeated optimization design and scientific follow-up of the processing process, designers assemble and debug by themselves, form a mature and perfect design ideas and processing technology. Through continuous efforts, we have accumulated rich experience in design, processing, debugging and assembly, use 3D design software for modular design, which can quickly design solutions and solve problems for customers.

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