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SE-II-O-32 Medium Load Full Protection Worm Gear Worm Shaft Type Slewing Drive

Publish time:2021/03/15 Latest Products Views:472

  1. ·Worm gear worm shaft type slewing drive gear ratio 158
  2. ·Rated output torque 23Kn.M
  3. ·Rotation center diameter 810mm
  4. ·Total height with adapter flange 160mm
Product Details

SE-II-O-32 medium load full protection worm gear worm shaft type slewing drive is used in construction machinery by customers, requiring large self-locking force and resisting large impact loads. Unique Transmission designed this 32 inch non-standard slewing drive to customers according to their requirements, the slewing ring adopts single tooth surface induction quenching to ensure self-locking force and impact load, the worm shaft is nitrogen treatment after processing to ensure impact resistance and long life. Use high-quality tapered bearings to ensure reliable operation of the slewing drive.


slew drive


In the assembly process of the worm gear worm shaft type slewing drive, first ensure the axial movement of the worm shaft.The axial movement can’t be too large. If it’s too large, the accuracy of the slewing drive can’t be guaranteed. The bearings which are supporting the worm shaft will also be quickly damaged due to excessive clearance; The axial movement can’t be too small. If it is too small, the worm shaft heats up by friction with worm gear during rotation, thermal expansion causes the worm shaft to elongate, causing the worm to lock up and damage the slewing drive, also too small movement amount is easy to cause interference operation of the support bearing, resulting in damage to the support bearing. Finally, test the tooth clearance between the worm gear and worm shaft and adjust it to a suitable range.The finished slewing drive is equipped with an adapter flange and an adapter shaft for customer to ensure that it can be directly connected to customer’s motor, which brings convenience to the customer’s installation and use.


slew drive

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