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Precision slewing drive suitable for 3-stage 200 ratio reducer

Publish time:2023/03/02 Latest Products Views:101

Model: S-Ⅲ-O-0655


Type: precision slewing drive


Slewing drive gear ratio: 6.60


Rated output torque: 26KN.M


Rotation center diameter: 655mm


Total height with adapter flange: 190mm


Gear backlash ≤0.15mm

Product Details

Our S-Ⅲ-O-0655 precision slewing drives are suitable for 3-stage 200 ratio reducers used in the workshop automatic production lines. Slewing drives are horizontally installed and used at very low rotational speed to drive the turntable of the equipment to rotate at a fixed angle.


Based on these requirements, we recommended the S-Ⅲ-O-0655 precision slewing drive for customers to meet the needs of load capacity and precise angle rotation of the equipment. Our slewing drives are equipped with 3-stage precision planetary gearboxes, and the total gear ratio of the slewing drive reaches 1320:1 to meet the low speed requirements of customers. The inputs of our slewing drives are customized according to the customers’ selected servo motors and they can be connected directly for easy, fast, precise and reliable use.


For special design and non-standard customization of slewing drive, please contact Unique Transmission, we will provide you with high quality solutions and cheap products.

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