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Why are high-precision spur gear slew drives so popular? Cause Analysis

Publish time:2021/03/30 News Views:330

With the development of automation technology, more and more equipment achieves high automation, high efficiency of intelligent equipment with low requirements for operators. Such equipment is very popular in the market.


slew drive gear


High-end automation equipment is inseparable from high precision transmission components, the high precision spur gear slew drive designed and manufactured by Unique Transmission is also popular with customers.The high precision spur gear slew drive has outstanding advantages, high precision, compact structure, high reduction ratio, unlimited size and transmission form and a professional team tailored for customers.


The high precision spur gear slew drive is used in automation equipment of various industries, installation and use are extremely simple. First step: install the spur gear slew drive on the base; Second step: install the turntable on the spur gear slew drive; Third step: install reduction motor on adaptor flange. Only three steps are needed, your turntable can rotate and stop according to your instructions. After using for half a year or a year, you only need to fill grease once to complete all maintenance. The spur gear slew drive has an overall dust-proof and waterproof design to minimize your maintenance frequency.


Use the following table to understand the specific parameters of the high precision spur gear slew drive.

You can also click S-I light load series, S-II medium load series, S-III heavy load series to view the detailed parameters of different series and different types of spur gear slew drives.


slew drive parameter table


The precision spur gear slew drive with 1 meter diameter of the Unique transmission can reach within 0.01°, the length error transmitted on a 1 meter circle can be controlled within 0.1mm, which can meet the precision occasions that need to carry the rotation and load. Choosing our spur gear slew drive, you can save the slewing ring, save a reducer, save the reducer motor installation support, reduce the weight of the equipment, reduce the cost of the whole machine and save a lot of trouble.


Having said so many benefits, if your heart beats, quickly pick up the phone and contact Unique Transmission.

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