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What matters should be paid attention to when using slew drive?

Publish time:2021/04/11 News Views:764

Due to the slew drive is usually used as a general component of large scale equipment, therefore the slewing drive product is in a component assembly state when it is delivered to the user, it needs to be connected and assembled with the host when it is delivered to the complete machine manufacturer.In this process, especially for the closed structure slew drive, because the connection between the housing and the internal transmission part and the connection between the entire slewing drive and the host use the same set of connecting holes, so when the slewing drive leaves the factory, there is already a pre-connection between the housing and the internal transmission parts.


This connection involves the transmission clearance and position adjustment of the internal transmission parts of the slewing drive. Therefore, when connecting with the host, need to keep these pre-connections in the same set of flange holes. The other holes reserved by the manufacturer of the slew drive for the user are installed with the host. In this process, the original assembly form of the slewing drive must not be destroyed, so as not to damage its transmission efficiency.


The slewing drive delivered to the user has been filled with lubricating oil before leaving the factory. When the main machine is delivered to the user, the user must be informed to regularly fill in lubricating oil and maintain it in accordance with the rules for the use of the slewing drive.


Although the slewing drive product has the characteristics of high integration, simple structure and superior performance, reasonable use is still very important and daily maintenance is also indispensable. In construction machinery, most slew drive products are not suitable for high-speed and high-frequency running back and forth under the condition of large impact, pay attention to reduce the impact of the start and stop stage during the operation, in particular, don’t add or subtract the throttle savagely without transition, which is great benefit to prolonging the service life of the machine and parts. In other low-speed, heavy-load and long-period working environments, regular replacement and refilling grease according to design requirements, timely removal of jams and blockages caused by foreign objects, the slew drive can maintain long-term stable and efficient operation.


Unique Transmission slew drive products have reliable technology and first-class quality. Due to have the key processing equipment and perfect quality control methods, the product reliability is high. At the same time, due to its strong design capabilities, it can respond to various special needs of users. Unshaped products can be customized for customers, can also cooperate with customers to provide technical consultation and related information support in the design stage of host products.

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