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What are the effects of gear radial runout on slewing drive?

Publish time:2024/05/21 News Views:8

In the slewing drive structure designed and produced by U-TRSM, it is usually the large and small gears meshing to transmit power and torque. For the processing of gears, U-TRSM has rich experience, and different grades of gears can adapt to different working conditions of customers. The gear radial runout is an important indicator to verify the gear accuracy, and the influence of the radial runout of the gear on the transmission is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. Uneven transmission

Radial runout will lead to gear rotation instability in the transmission process, resulting in periodic speed fluctuations, making the transmission unstable, this unstable will affect the slewing drive operation uniformity coefficient, resulting in the function of the machinery and equipment to be affected, reducing working accuracy and efficiency.


2. Shock and wear

Radial runout will increase the impact between the meshing gears, resulting in increased gear wear, long-term impact and wear will not only reduce the service life of the gears, but also reduce the accuracy of the slewing drive and produce more noise.


3. Increased noise

Due to the impact and unstable transmission caused by radial runout, the transmission system will produce greater noise, which will not only affect the working environment, but also may cause interference to the surrounding equipment and personnel.


4. Vibration and fatigue

Radial runout causes the gears to vibrate during transmission, which not only causes fatigue damage to the slewing drive, but also transmits to other components through the slewing drive, resulting in fatigue and damage to the entire system.


In conclusion, in order to reduce the impact of cylindrical gear radial runout on the slewing drive and its equipment, it is necessary to strictly control the machining accuracy of the gears, the installation accuracy and the accuracy of the bearings in the design, manufacture and installation process. Ensure that the radial runout of the gear is within the permissible range, and at the same time, it is also necessary to regularly check and maintain the tooth mesh of the slewing drive, find and deal with problems in time, and ensure the stability and reliability of the slewing drive.

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