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What are the commonly used types of slewing bearings?

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The slewing bearing is a mechanical part that supports two components for relative rotation movement. It is composed of six parts: outer ring (with or without teeth), inner ring (with or without teeth), rolling elements (steel balls or rollers), spacers or cages, seals and grease nipples. Slewing bearings have a wide range of applications in various construction machinery, industrial machinery, hoisting machinery and other fields. Next, Unique Transmission will introduce the four more commonly used types slewing bearings.


slewing bearing


1.Four point contact ball slewing bearing

Four point contact ball slewing bearing, compact inner structure, steel balls and arc raceways of inner and outer ring become four point contact, the contact angle is usually 45° and special ones are 35° or 55°. The four point contact slewing bearing can bear axial load, radial load and tilting moment at the same time. The double row slewing bearing is stronger than the single row slewing bearing in all aspects.


2.Single row crossed roller slewing ring

Single row crossed roller slewing bearing, composed of two inner and outer rings, with higher accuracy requirements, small assembly clearance, rollers are arranged in a 90° cross, crossed roller slewing bearings can withstand greater axial force, radial force and tilting moment. Because of their greater bearing capacity and higher accuracy, they are generally used for lifting equipment and military products.


3.Double row reducing ball slewing ring

The double row ball slewing bearing consists of three rings, one outer ring, two inner rings, or two outer rings and one inner ring. The steel balls and spacers can be directly discharged into the upper and lower raceways. According to stress condition, the upper and lower rows of raceways can be loaded with steel balls of different diameters. When assembling, the two halves are connected together with connected bolts. This kind of open slewing bearing is very convenient to assemble. The load angle of the upper and lower arc raceways is 90°, which can withstand large axial forces and tilting moments. Generally used for heavy-duty machinery such as tower cranes and ship cranes with large tilting moment.


4.Three row cylindrical roller slewing bearing

The three row cylindrical roller slewing bearing has three races. Like the double row reducing ball slewing bearing, there is a race ring composed of two halves. The difference is that the three row roller slewing bearing has three raceways separated from the top and bottom and radial raceways, so that the load of each row of rollers can be determined. Three row rollers can choose rollers with different diameters according to the load. The three row roller slewing bearing can bear various loads of radial, axial and tilting at the same time. It is the largest bearing capacity of the four products. It has a firm structure and is especially suitable for heavy machinery with large loads, such as port cranes, molten steel moving platforms, shield tunneling machines and other heavy machinery.


Understanding the structure and characteristics of the slewing bearing is very important for us to choose a suitable slewing bearing. According to different working conditions, choosing the suitable slewing bearing can ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, safety but not cumbersome.

What are the commonly used types of slewing bearings?
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What are the commonly used types of slewing bearings?
The slewing bearing is a mechanical part that supports two components for relative rotation movement,this article introduces four commonly used slewing bearing types.
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