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What are the advantages of using planetary gearboxes for slewing drives?

Publish time:2024/01/26 News Views:69

During the design process of slewing drives, U-TRSM design engineers often encounter the requirement of increasing the gear ratio and torque, which allows them to choose smaller motors, saving installation space and costs. In the adaptation of gearboxes, U-TRSM design engineers recommend the use of planetary gearboxes because they have the following advantages:


1. Large transmission ratio range: The transmission ratio of planetary gearboxes can be achieved in a wide range, which enables it to meet different transmission requirements.


2. Light weight and small size: The planetary gearbox adopts high efficiency design, with the housing made of nodular cast iron, improving the rigidity and shock resistance of the housing. The compact structure, light weight, and small size make it easy to install and maintain.


3. Stable operation and low noise: It adopts involute planetary gear transmission and makes reasonable use of internal and external teeth meshing and power shunt to make it run smoothly and low noise.


4. Strong adaptability: It can operate stably in various complex and harsh environments and can withstand large torques.


5. Efficient and stable: Using planetary gear transmission, when transmitting power, the force transmitted is more stable and uniform due to the simultaneous work of multiple gears.


6. Modular design: allows customers to change the combination, and can achieve greater speed ratios with other product combinations.

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