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Vertically mounted two-stage transmission gear slewing drive

Publish time:2024/02/24 Latest Products Views:60

Model: 2-S-I-O-0176


Type: two-stage transmission slewing drive


Slewing drive gear ratio: 2.75


Rotation center diameter: 176mm


Total height: 310mm


Gear backlash: ≤0.15mm

Product Details

Vertically mounted two-stage transmission gear slewing drives are used on automation equipment, and because our customer required vertical mounting, our engineers designed this slewing drive to be integrated into the base. This kind of vertically mounted slewing drive can be suitable for most working conditions and has many advantages, such as saving installation space, easy to install, making the equipment structure more compact and the design more modular, and this two-stage transmission increases the centre distance, which makes the input end and the output end far away from each other, which is easy to install and use.


U-TRSM engineers can make special design for slewing drive according to the customer’s demand, and the integrated design of the base and slewing drive has been accepted and adopted by more and more customers, and it is also a trend for future development. This solution not only solves the customer installation, commissioning and other problems, but also greatly saves costs, while reducing the difficulty of processing, reducing the number of times each component fits together, so that the customer’s entire equipment is more compact, thus forming an integrated design.

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