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Three series heavy load external gear full protection spur gear slew drive

Publish time:2021/03/15 Latest Products Views:786

  • This gear type rotary reducer gear ratio 8.20
  • Rated output torque 33.4Kn.M
  • Rotation center diameter 855mm
  • Total height with adapter flange 153mm
Product Details

The material of the slewing ring and matching pinion inside the spur gear slewing drive is made of high-quality 42CrMo forgings, after tempering 229-269HB (Q+T) processing, the comprehensive mechanical properties are greatly improved to ensure customer equipment to provides strong support and has good operation.

All teeth are induction hardened and tooth surface hardness is 50HRC, tooth inside is soft, tooth surface quenching improves the single tooth load capacity and tooth wear resistance, the soft core ensures the toughness of the teeth under impact load, the teeth of the slewing ring and pinion are strong, durable and impact-resistant are the prerequisites for reliable operation and long life of the gear type slewing drive.


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There will be vibrations when customer uses the spur gear slewing drive, in order to avoid loosening of the connecting bolts, Unique Transmission has applied thread fastening glue to each connecting bolt to ensure reliable operation of the gear type rotary reducer.All connecting bolts of the spur gear slewing drive adopt 8.8 grade high-strength galvanized bolts, which can ensure the connection strength and avoid equipment damage caused by bolt corrosion after long-term use.


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Unique Transmission will recommend suitable grease to customers according to customers’ use conditions and fill it in sufficient quantity for the first time. Normally we will fill Mobil EP2 grease, Mobil EP 2 lithium grease is general purpose grease, its recommended application temperature is between -20℃ and 130℃, grease is suitable for most types of industrial applications, including heavy-duty applications with high unit pressures or impact loads.


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The spur gear slewing drive of the Unique Transmission adopts a fully enclosed design, the shell and slewing ring are sealed with high quality NBR rubber seal, which is dustproof, waterproof, oil resistant and corrosion resistant; Motor or reducer adapter flanges are all adopt black coating treatment, rust-proof and beautiful; Housing is made of QT450-10 nodular cast iron by one-time casting; Finished product is sprayed with spray treatment, which is strong and durable.
The design team of Unique Transmission has rich design and practical experience. Based on the principle of designing and manufacturing first-class quality and cost-effective spur gear slewing drives for customers, our design team is always on the road of continuous improvement.


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