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The importance of grease to spur gear slew drives

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The spur gear slew drive is usually composed of slewing ring, housing, pinion, flange, support bearing, seal, etc. The working principle is that the support bearing can independently support the pinion to rotate, the pinion drives the gear ring of the slewing ring to rotate to achieve the purpose of supporting rotation. The moving parts need to be lubricated. For spur gear slew drive, there are three parts that need to be lubricated, the raceway of the slewing ring, teeth and the support bearing of the transmission pinion. The movement types are rolling of the bearing rolling elements and gear transmission. Mobilux EP2 grease is very suitable for these two types of movement.


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Mobilux EP2 grease is a high performance grease suitable for most types of industrial applications, including heavy duty applications with high pressure or impact load. It has excellent resistance to rust and corrosion as well as resistance to water washing. It is especially suitable for frequent use for equipment under wet conditions, the recommended application temperature is within the range of -20ºC to 130ºC, which is suitable for rolling bearings, sliding bearings, bushings, gears, etc.


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Grease can form an oil film, reduce friction during transmission, reduce wear, increase transmission efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life of spur gear slew drives. Some studies have reported that 30%-50% of global energy consumption is caused by frictional heating, 75% of equipment parts damage is caused by wear. Therefore, the losses due to friction and wear are shocking, the importance of lubrication is obvious. Statistics show that about 38% of mechanical failures are caused by improper lubrication. When you use spur gear slew drive, it’s necessary to add grease in accordance with the requirements of the spur gear slew drive installation manual to ensure that your equipment runs smoothly and avoid troubles.

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