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Spur gear slewing drive for heavy-duty special vehicle

Publish time:2023/03/14 Latest Products Views:132

Model: S-Ⅲ-O-0755


Type: heavy duty slewing drive


Slewing drive gear ratio: 7.40


Rated output torque: 28.8KN.M


Rotation center diameter: 755mm


Total height: 175.5mm


Gear backlash ≤0.15mm

Product Details

Our S-Ⅲ-O-0755 heavy-duty spur gear slewing drives are used for special vehicles. They mainly withstand radial forces and small tilting moments, high precision, large gear ratios and high output torque requirements. According to the customer’s needs, the engineers of Unique Transmission designed and manufactured this S-Ⅲ-O-0755 heavy duty spur gear slewing drive. The teeth are quenched and ground to improve the load-bearing capacity of the teeth and make them more wear-resistant, and the teeth are ground to achieve class 6 accuracy, which greatly reduces the teeth clearance. Slewing bearings are designed with 0 clearance, which makes the overall operation of the slewing drive more stable when the product is mounted vertically. Unique Transmission has rich experience in designing special-shaped slewing drives for various special applications.

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