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Small spur gear slew drive used in automation equipment

Publish time:2021/06/11 Latest Products Views:804

Model: S-I-O-0235


Type: External gear reverse direction flange


Spur gear slewing drive gear ratio: 5.40


Rated output torque: 2659N.M


Rotation center diameter: 235mm


Total height with adapter flange: 90mm


Gear backlash ≤0.2mm

Product Details

S-I-O-0235 spur gear slew drives are installed horizontally in automation equipment.


Operating conditions: large tilting moment, low speed, large impact load, large vibration, there are many fine particles and liquids on use site, which are required the slew drives have strict requirements on the dustproof and waterproof performance.


According to the above working conditions, we decided to use crossed roller slewing rings with a small clearance and high-precision design to ensure stable rotation and high reliability of the slew drives under high-frequency vibration. The slew drives are matched with stepping motors with an output torque of 20N.M. In the process of designing and producing finished products, we always pay attention to the starting torque of the slewing drives to ensure that the stepping motors can smoothly drive the spur gear slew drive.


slew drive


The S-I-O-0235 spur gear slew drive seals adopt NBR oil resistant rubber seals. The slewing ring raceways are sealed and will not be contaminated by foreign objects, this ensure the reliability of the steel ball raceways. The side of the slew drive pinions is surrounded by the housing. The top is also sealed by rubber, dustproof and waterproof, further ensuring the reliability of gear transmission. Unique Transmission has tested the sealing performance. When water, oil, powder particles are blown with high-pressure air, pollutants will not enter the slew drive. It can be seen that the protection performance of the spur gear slew drive is very reliable. If you have special requirements on slew drive protection, please contact Unique Transmission, we will provide you with an ideal solution.

Small spur gear slew drive used in automation equipment
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Small spur gear slew drive used in automation equipment
This article introduces a small spur gear slew drive designed by U-TRSM for use in automation equipment.
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