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Small slewing drives can still have large loads

Publish time:2023/08/28 Latest Products Views:85

Model: S-I-O-0190


Type: small gear type slewing drive


Slewing drive gear ratio: 4.40


Weight: 25.6kg


Rotation center diameter: 190mm


Total height: 80mm


Return clearance: ≤0.15mm

Product Details

Unique Transmission Equipment (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. has designed a type of high precision small gear type slewing drive for customers, which is used on light-duty automation equipment. Our customers have limited installation space and require relatively small loads, at the same time maintain high accuracy of the slewing drive. After calculation, the U-TRSM engineers designed and adopted small size spur gear slewing drive, with the 190mm rotating center diameter and installation surface maximum size φ297mm, load up to 196KN and maximum torque 1650N.m. U-TRSM has designed and successfully manufactured slewing drives with outer diameter of 200mm~2900mm. U-TRSM has always been breaking through itself, constantly researching and innovating to provide better products.

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