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Small aluminum housing gear type slewing drive design scheme

Publish time:2023/11/08 Latest Products Views:98

Model: S-I-O-0169


Type: gear type slewing drive


Slewing drive gear ratio: 4.20


Rotation center diameter: 169mm


Total height: 99mm


Gear backlash: ≤0.15mm

Product Details

S-I-O-0169 spur gear slewing drives are used on small automation equipment, where the customer has extremely high requirements for the weight and accuracy of the slewing drive, with relatively low loads and torque. After many times of communication with the customer, the design engineers of U-TRSM gave up the previous casting design scheme QT450-10, and used the aluminium alloy housing 6061-T6 for the design, which greatly reduced the overall weight of the slewing drive, and the weight of the finished product was controlled within 20kg.


How do the different housing materials affect the slewing drive performance? U-TRSM design engineers will talk about the characteristics of these two materials:


QT450-10: ferritic type ductile cast iron with high toughness and plasticity of the material. At low temperatures, toughness transitions to brittleness, with a higher low-temperature impact value and better resistance to temperature acute changes and corrosion.

Tensile strength (MPa): ≥450. Yield strength (MPa): ≥310.


6061-T6:heat-treated aluminium alloy, its strength is higher than ordinary aluminium alloy products, and has high corrosion resistance. T6 indicates that the material has been heat treated and artificially aged to achieve optimum strength and hardness.

Tensile strength (MPa): ≥ 280. Yield strength (MPa): ≥ 240.

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