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Slewing drive with integrated sensor for RV gearboxes

Publish time:2023/09/04 Latest Products Views:110

Model: S-II-O-0941


Type: precision slewing drive


Slewing drive gear ratio: 11.60


Rated output torque: 17526N.M


Rotation center diameter: 941mm


Total height with adapter flange: 267.5mm


Gear backlash: ≤0.15mm

Product Details

RV reducer is a new type of reducer, which combines planetary reducer and cycloid reducer, compact structure, large gear ratio, low noise, very widely used. And it’s inevitable for everyone to wonder whether the gear type slewing drive of the U-TRSM can be adapted to the RV reducer, and the answer is that it can be completely adapted.


The S-II-O-0941 high precision gear type slewing drive designed and produced by our company is perfectly adapted to the customer’s RV reducer, not only that, we also reserve the sensor installation position for customer in extremely limited space, which is very convenient for customer’s use. RV reducer is generally output from the shaft hole or flange, need to make adapted shaft or adapted disk, the RV reducer diameter is generally large, when designing the mounting flange, need to consider whether the customer installation is convenient or not, need to pay special attention to the interference problems.


U-TRSM has rich experience in adapting all kinds of planetary reducers (gearboxes), large industrial reducers, geared motors, RV reducers, etc. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, we believe that our profession will bring you great convenience and leave out trouble.

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