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S-II-O-1091-MC medium load external gear full protection spur gear precision slewing drive (rotation accuracy ≤0.01°)

Publish time:2021/03/15 Latest Products Views:693

  • The gear type rotary reducer gear ratio 13.20
  • Rated output torque 20.2Kn.M
  • Rotation center diameter 1091mm
  • With adapter flange total height 150mm
  • Rotation accuracy ≤0.01°
Product Details

Customers use S-II-O-1091-MC spur gear drive to servo positioners, requiring the rotation accuracy ≤0.01°. Due to the servo motor customers have special requirements, therefore required the starting torque of the precision gear type slewing drive was pretty small. After receiving customers’ requirements, the design team of Unique Transmission decided to use negative clearance slewing rings. The gears of the slewing ring and the gears of the transmission pinion were grinded after quenching, then the gear accuracy had reached 6 grade, the gear runout of the finished slewing ring was within 0.05mm. Only in this way can ensure customers’ final requirements, through reasonable process arrangements and strict quality control, the final finished slewing ring has a tooth runout of 0.05mm and an end face runout of 0.03mm, the pinion fully meets the requirements of 6 grade to lay a solid foundation for customers to use high-precision gear type rotary drives on servo positioners.


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The S-II-O-1091-MC precision gear type slewing drive designed by Unique Transmission for customers is responsible for the servo positioner turning 360° in the horizontal direction. In order to ensure the rotation accuracy ≤ 0.01°,we choose P5 precision bearings for the support bearings of the transmission pinions. The stability of the connecting bolts is particularly important for precision spur gear slewing drive, we choose to use thread fastening glue LOCTITE 243 to ensure the stability of the connecting bolts. With the rich experience of the team, reasonable design and strictly control the quality of each component during the production process, the final assembly and debugging were unexpectedly smooth. The Unique Transmission team once again successfully completed the design, production, assembly, debugging and other processes, we believe that the precision gear type rotary reducer will definitely have excellent performance on the servo positioner.


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