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XSU14.414 precision crossed roller slewing bearing without gear

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Slewing bearing type: crossed roller


Gear type: without gear


Rotation center diameter: 414mm


End face runout: 0.04mm


Radial runout: 0.04mm


Clearance: 0-0.03mm

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What is the crossed roller slewing bearing?


The raceways of the inner rings and outer rings of the slewing bearing are 90° V-shaped, the rolling elements are cylindrical rollers. The rollers are separated by spacers on the rolling surfaces of the raceways and arranged perpendicular to each other. This structure type of slewing bearing is called crossed roller slewing bearing. It can bear loads in multiple directions such as radial load, axial load and tilting moment, it can be produced in a wide range of sizes, so it has a wide range of applications, such as the joints and rotating parts of industrial robots, the rotating table of machining centers, manipulator rotating parts, precision rotating tables, medical equipment, etc.


The crossed roller slewing bearings are equipped with spacers in the middle of the rollers, which can effectively prevent the rollers from tilting when the slewing bearings are in movement, the spacers can also isolate the friction between the rollers, reduce the rotation resistance, prevent the edge stress concentration or locking phenomenon of the rollers, maintain the high precision and stable operation of the slewing bearings.


The code of the precision crossed roller slewing bearings without gear XSU14.414 provided by U-TRSM to customers were used in automation equipment. The diameter of the rotation center was 414mm, the end face runout was 0.04mm, the radial runout was 0.04mm, the clearance was 0-0.03mm. Precision crossed roller slewing bearings have high precision, large load, good tilting torque, flexible rotation, high speed, good seismic performance and the accuracy was maintained for a long time. Unique Transmission is very good at making this kind of precision slewing bearing.


The code XSU14.414 is the smallest slewing ring in the XSU 14 series of INA bearings. This series has a slewing center diameter of 414mm to 1094mm, all are crossed roller slewing bearings without gear. Corresponding to the above dimensions are the XSA 14 external gear series and XSI 14 internal gear series, both are precision crossed roller slewing bearings.


Attention when using crossed roller slewing bearings:


The crossed roller slewing bearings have been filled with high quality grease before leaving factory and can be directly installed and used. But this type of slewing bearing has a smaller internal space than ordinary roller bearings, so it is necessary to replenish grease regularly. When replenishing grease, inject it through the oil hole provided on the inner ring or outer ring. The replenishment interval is usually 6 months to one year. After the slewing bearing is installed, due to the resistance of the grease, the initial rotating torque of the slewing bearing will be relatively large in a short time, but after the excess grease overflows from the sealing part, the torque value will return to normal value.

XSU14.414 precision crossed roller slewing bearing without gear
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XSU14.414 precision crossed roller slewing bearing without gear
This article introduces the precision cross-roller slewing bearing provided by U-TRSM, the model is XSU14.414.
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