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Overview of slewing drive design for large automated rotary platforms

Publish time:2024/06/25 Latest Products Views:4

Model: S-III-O-1355-5.61


Type: large slewing drive


Slewing drive gear ratio: 5.61


Rotary center diameter: 1355mm


Dimension: 1855mm x 1556mm x 282mm


Weight: 645kg

Product Details

This type of slewing drive is used on rotary platforms for large automation equipment, which has certain requirements for rotary positioning and also needs to withstand large shock loads. After continuous communication with customers, we have developed this type of gear type slewing drive, which can withstand loads up to 3615KN and tilting moments up to 980KNm.


The gear ring and transmission gears are tooth-hardened and ground to improve the transmission torque and service life of the gears. The slewing drive is adapted with harmonic reducer, which can effectively improve the slewing drive overall transmission accuracy and the tooth backlash can reach ≤ 0.10mm.


U-TRSM has rich experience in research and development of non-standard large-scale slewing drive, and has in-depth research in the direction of tooth processing and tooth precision, so that the tooth ring runout can be guaranteed to be very small, and with the professional engineers for assembly and commissioning, so that the overall slewing drive rotary accuracy can be effectively guaranteed.

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