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Light-duty ultra-thin aluminum housing spur gear slewing drive

Publish time:2023/08/26 Latest Products Views:92

Model: S-I-O-0741(light-duty)


Type: gear type slewing drive


Slewing drive gear ratio: 13.80


Weight: 48kg


Rotation center diameter: 741mm


Total height: 72mm


Return clearance: ≤0.15mm

Product Details

The S-I-O-0741 light-duty aluminum housing gear type slewing drive is a high precision, ultra-thin, light-duty slewing drive that is used on light-duty automation equipment.This slewing drive adopts light-duty design, under the premise of ensuring load, speed and torque, we reduce the tooth height and slewing bearing height,and the housing and adapter flange are made of industrial aluminum.


The teeth are hardened and then ground to ensure tooth life and running accuracy. U-TRSM design engineers have in-depth research in the selection and application of various materials, and have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of non-standard slewing drives. In situations where customers have various extreme requirements for slewing drives, we can also design and manufacture slewing drives according to the requirements and finally meet the customer’s use expectations.

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