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Introduction of some applications of spur gear slewing drive and worm gear slewing drive

Publish time:2023/04/05 News Views:53

Spur gear slewing drive with high speed, usually can be equipped with gearbox and hydraulic motor or servo motor, can be widely used in: forestry and agricultural mobile handling equipment, such as the bottom of wood handling truck operator room, the bottom of grain loading arm, fertilizer vehicles, construction machinery foundation excavation arm, mobile satellite antenna vehicles, movable feed plant vehicle rotating arm, rail cleaning vehicle front rotating arm, small wind turbine, wire rope hoist winch, automation equipment, etc.


Single worm gear worm shaft slewing drive can usually be equipped with hydraulic motors or motors, which can be widely used in: truck mounted cranes, material handling trucks, transportation trucks, mini mini excavators, hand-operated lifting systems, light lifting equipment, excavator rotating attachments, forklift rotating attachments, handling equipment, loading equipment, unloading equipment, electric transport vehicles, fixed mini satellite antennas, aerial work platforms, fog cannon trucks, city road maintenance vehicles, small crawler lifting platforms, logging machinery, lawn mower rotating parts, wood cutting machines, concrete mixers, road washing vehicles, small work boats, cab bottoms on harvesters, railway beam slewing cranes, offshore cranes, small solar tracking devices, small wind turbines, etc.


Double worm slewing drive can be equipped with hydraulic motors, brakes, encoder systems, etc, which can be widely used in: heavy-duty modular transport vehicles, landing gear for mobile dock cranes, chassis of special vehicles, ship lifts, large mobile gantry cranes, large mobile platforms, pile drivers, underground mining diamond machinery, tunneling equipment robotic arms, tunnel boring machine cutting cantilever beams, deep mining and handling equipment grabs, concrete spraying machinery positioning arms, dredgers, deep mining cranes, oil and gas pipeline loading and unloading cranes, large solar tracking devices, amphibious vehicles, etc.


U-TRSM not only produces standard series of spur gear slewing drive and worm gear slewing drive, but also can customize different sizes and types of slewing drive according to your specific working conditions to meet your requirements. If you have similar needs, please contact us, and we look forward to working with you!

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