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Internal Gear Double Drive Spur Gear Slew Drive Design Solution

Publish time:2021/04/28 Latest Products Views:777

  • Model: S-III-I-1300-2


  • Type: Internal gear double gear transmission


  • Spur gear slew drive gear ratio: 8.80


  • Rated output torque: 50Kn.M


  • Rotation center diameter: 1300mm


  • With adapter flange total height: 170mm
Product Details

S-III-I-1300-2 internal gear double drive gear type slew drive is used in automation equipment. The external space of the customer’s equipment is limited. There is enough installation space at the bottom of the equipment, which requires a large output torque when operation, low speed and a large total gear ratio. Based on the above customer needs, Unique Transmission has designed an internal gear double drive spur gear slew drive for customers, which is internal gear transmission, its input end is close to the center of the circle to ensure that the outer diameter is a full circle. The gear motor can be installed close to the center of the circle without taking up external space. There is installation space at the bottom of the equipment, the input end of the slew drive is designed on the bottom surface, which is convenient for customers to use. In response to operation needs for large gear ratio and large torque, Unique Transmission adopts small module gears and double gear transmission, small modulus guarantees large gear ratio and double gears guarantee large output torque. This design solved the customer’s problem.


spur gear slew drive


The code S-III-I-1300-2 internal gear dual drive spur gear slew drive is also designed for customers as a fully protective structure, dust and water proof, the internal design fence surrounds the internal teeth, the NBR rubber seals are installed on the slewing ring to cooperate with the fence to achieve the top surface is dust-proof and waterproof, the bottom is compact design, the flange and bottom plate are completely attached to achieve the bottom dust and water resistance. The bottom plate of this slew drive can also be designed in various shapes, suitable for customers to install other components and provide great convenience for customers’ integrated design. The slew drive housing can be phosphated, oxidized, sprayed and other surface treatments according to customer requirements to meet various working conditions.


spur gear slew drive

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