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How to measure the slewing ring diameter?

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In the final grinding and matching clearance of the slewing bearing, the raceway diameter must be tested to avoid repeated trial installations. So, how to measure the slewing bearing raceway diameter? There are many methods to inspect slewing bearing raceway diameter, some use callipers clamp two steel balls to make test, some calculate measuring method for wall thickness, but some measurement errors are too large, some tests are cumbersome. If the pipe ruler is improved on the basis of the ball head ruler, the slewing bearing raceway diameter can be quickly and accurately measured on the machine tool.


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1.Make measuring head

Pipe rulers usually have ready-made fixed rods at both ends, you only need to change the measuring head shape. Cut the steel ball in half with wire cutting. One half is soldered (or argon arc welding) to the measuring head and the other half is fixed on the dial indicator head, then installed on the fixed rod connected to the pipe ruler and the measured work can be carried out.


2.Measurement methods

Replace the fixed measuring head of the pipe ruler and the measuring head of the dial indicator with steel balls for assembling the slewing bearing raceway, use a block gauge to align the raceway diameter and calibrate the dial indicator of the tube ruler to zero, use pipe ruler fixed end steel ball position on the side of the slewing bearing raceway during measurement, the dial indicator is on the other side of the raceway, with the fixed end steel ball as fulcrum, rotate the pipe ruler along with the slewing bearing raceway plane to find the turning point, the dial indicator reading is the measured value of the raceway diameter, if the value reaches the required value, the raceway grinding process is qualified and the next piece can be processed, if the size has not reached the required value, continue processing until the size meets the requirements.


3.Measurement accuracy verification

Comparison of the bearing clearance calculated based on the measurement results of the ball head ruler and the actual bearing clearance after assembly, the error of the bearing clearance value calculated by the ball head ruler is within 0.01mm, it is proved that the ball head ruler measurement can meet the processing and testing requirements of high precision slewing bearing.


4.Advantages and disadvantages of testing

(1)Testing on the machine tool does not require removing the parts from machine tool for trial assembly, which greatly improves work efficiency.

(2)The measurement accuracy is high, which can meet the processing and testing requirements of the small clearance slewing bearing.

(3)This method can also be used to test crossed roller slewing bearings.

(4)The measuring tools need to be self-made, the testing methods should be skilled and the requirements for the testing personnel are high.


We understand how to make ball head rulers, measurement principle, verify the measurement accuracy, clarify the test advantages and disadvantages. So those of you who like hands-on attempts hurry up to pick up the tools and make a simple and practical ball head ruler. If you have any questions in the production and use, please contact Unique Transmission, we are very happy to help you.

How to measure the slewing ring diameter?
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How to measure the slewing ring diameter?
This article introduces the method of measuring the diameter of a slewing ring.
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