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How to maintain the slew drives used in construction machinery?

Publish time:2021/05/08 News Views:677

Although there are many types of slew drives produced by each slew drive manufacturer, in general, there are two main types of applications for slew drives: solar tracking and construction machinery. In the previous article, we introduced the application of slew drives in solar tracking system. Next, Unique Transmission will introduce how to maintain the slew drives used in construction machinery.


The slew drives are mainly used for the rotary positioning of the boom in various construction machinery, they are an important part of the slewing mechanism. Some construction machines use slewing rings to support rotating parts, but for some equipment that requires the boom to stop instantaneously, the slew drives are more advantageous because they have self-locking function.


The working conditions of most construction machinery are relatively harsh, which mean that the slewing drives need to withstand the working environment are also very bad. After a long time, the slewing drives will have some failures, so how to maintain the slew drives used in the construction machinery to solve these faults?


Cause Analysis:

1. The used lubricating oil is unqualified or has been used for too long.

2. Too much lubricating oil is used.

3. Slew drive parts damaged, including serious gear wear, broken teeth, bearing cage, inner and outer rings, rolling elements are damaged, bearing is locked or the shaft is deformed seriously.

4. The outside of the slew drive is covered by debris or dust.

5. The cooling devices fail or are blocked.

6. Slewing drives overload operation.



1.Carry out a detailed inspection of the actual load of the slew drive and adjust it to the specified value or replace it with a slewing drive with a larger load.

2. Fill the lubricating oil strictly in accordance with the specified oil amount and remove extra oil.

3. Replace lubricating oil in time.

4. Clear the debris and dust around the slew drive, replace the cooling device to remove the blockage.


Large vibration of the slewing drive body.


Cause Analysis:

1. The connecting screws between the slew drive and body are loose.

2. The motor screws are loose.

3. Serious wear of the bearings.

4. Gear damage.

5. Shaft deformation out of balance.



You can troubleshoot the fault by tightening the foot bolts, loose screws of the motor, replacing the bearings, replacing the gears and then perform targeted maintenance.


The slew drive device has abnormal noise.


Cause Analysis:

1. Overload operation of reducer;

2. The load of the working machine is unbalanced;

3. Lubricating oil has deteriorated;

4. Gear tooth surface wear or poor manufacturing quality

5. The bearing clearance is too large or too small;

6. There is debris on the tooth surface.



Change lubricating oil in time in daily use; adjust bearing clearance; check bearing and do a good job of cleaning or replace new parts in time.

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