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How to correctly choose bolts for installing the slewing drive?

Publish time:2024/01/15 News Views:61

The installation of the slewing drive is usually fixed by bolts, and only by selecting bolts of the correct strength level can the safe and stable operation of the slewing drive be ensured. So how can we choose the right bolt? Here, our engineers will introduce some factors that should be considered when choosing bolts.


1. Different application scenarios have different requirements for bolts, and it is necessary to choose the appropriate grade strength to meet the requirements.


2. Different materials have different strengths and corrosion resistance, and should be selected according to specific usage conditions.


3. When selecting bolts, the safety factor should be considered. The higher the safety factor, the stronger the load capacity of the bolt.


4. The bolt preload is also an important factor in selecting strength. Insufficient preload will lead to bolt loosening, while excessive preload will lead to bolt breakage or connection failure. Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate preload and ensure that the bolt strength meets the preload requirements.


5. In some environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, etc., the strength of the bolts will be affected. Therefore, when selecting bolts, the influence of the environment on the strength should be considered and the appropriate strength grade should be selected.


6. Mechanical properties including tensile strength and yield point should be selected according to specific requirements.


Choosing the appropriate bolts based on the above points can meet the customer’s usage requirements. In addition, relevant standards and specifications should be consulted to ensure that the strength level selected meets the requirements.

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