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How does U-TRSM quickly and efficiently provide slewing drive solutions?

Publish time:2023/03/26 News Views:48

U-TRSM focuses on the research and design of slewing drive solutions. We have developed dozens of standard models of slewing drive products, but in practical applications, these standard sizes are not always applicable, so we also provide users with non-standard and customized designs of slewing drives.


When custom designing a slewing drive, how can we produce an effective and fast design solution? Based on many years of experience, U-TRSM design engineers have summarized the following points, which can quickly provide customers with initial slewing solutions.

1. Refer to the already mature or similar mechanical gear transmission, using analogy method, for example, refer to the standard model of the slewing drive or the standard model of the slewing bearing.

2. It’s determined according to the customer’s application areas, working conditions, necessary structures, installation methods, etc.

3. The module number selection depends on the calculated bending strength, the selection of the center distance or pinion diameter depends on the calculated tooth surface contact strength, and the final calculated m value, which will be relatively increased by 10% to 20% in the actual design.


After the initial determination of the main dimensions of the transmission part, the strength check should be carried out, and the initial dimensions should be adjusted as appropriate according to the results obtained from the check calculation, and the main dimensions should be basically determined after communication with the customer.


With rich theoretical knowledge and design experience, U-TRSM design engineers have strong design capabilities and are able to respond to various special needs of customers, and can make customized design for non-standardized products, and can cooperate with customers in the design phase of the host product to provide technical consultation and related information support.

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