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How are the slew drives packaged?

Publish time:2021/05/05 News Views:686

Although the slew drive is an industrial product and may not look as fineness as other products, but it is also a kind of precision product, after the slew drive is assembled, it must be packaged and protected during storage and transportation.


This is also a very important part to ensure that the slew drive can operate smoothly and efficiently. So how is the slewing drive packaged when it is stored and shipped? Unique Transmission will answer for you.


First of all, each part of the slew drive must be cleaned to remove impurities and dirt on the surface after passing the test. The cleaned parts are assembled into a complete slew drive, then inject grease into the inside through the oil hole. After overall inspection of the slewing drive is qualified, then clearance the surface to ensure each product is clean.


Secondly, clean the slewing drive and apply a layer of anti-rust oil on its surface, especially the exposed slewing ring, apply anti-rust oil to prevent rust during transportation and storage. We have done spraying or other special treatment on the slew drive housing to achieve anti-rust effect. After applying the anti-rust oil, wrap the slew drive with a plastic sheet to isolate the air and achieve a better anti-rust effect.


Finally, put the packaged slew drive in the wooden box. The wooden boxes used by Unique Transmission are made of plywood, which are not only strong and durable, but also convenient for transport and export. A layer of pearl wool should be placed on the bottom of the wooden box to prevent the slew drive from scratching in the wooden box, pearl cotton should also be used to isolate the wooden box from the slew drive around to prevent it from moving during transportation. If the products need to be stacked, two slew drives are separated and supported by wooden bars to prevent the two products from colliding during transportation. When sealing the wooden box cover, put a layer of pearl cotton to isolate the wooden box cover from the top product. Finally nail the box and pack it with packing strips.


In this way, the entire packaging work of the slew drive is completed. Such tight packaging has many advantages:


Protect products:
The products we produce are all qualified and beautiful, we can guarantee that the slew drive can be stored well in our hands, but the transportation process is uncontrollable. Although we are working hard to avoid violent transportation, some accidents always happen. It is necessary to ensure that the products arrive at the customer are exactly the same as what we sent out. Therefore, tight and strong packaging are very important.


Convenient transportation:
As mentioned above, because the transportation process is uncontrollable, we use strong and durable wooden boxes as the outer packaging, in this way, we can avoid some bumps during transportation, forklifts are also easier to load and unload, it’s not easy to cause damage.


Convenient storage:
Not all slew drives can be used immediately after they arrived at customers place, some products need to be stored for a period of time before use. Our anti-rust treatment and wooden box packaging allow customers to store these products very well.


Convey information to customers:
Tight packaging not only expresses our attitude of attaching importance to these products, but also a way to convey information. We will put the product test report, certificate of qualification and instructions in each box. Ensure that customers not only receive qualified products, but also get the necessary information about these products.


Unique Transmission pay attention to the packaging of each product, because we value every opportunity for cooperation with customers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for more product information or to request a quotation.

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