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High speed double input copper worm gear slewing drive

Publish time:2023/08/26 News Views:86

Unique Transmission Equipment (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. has designed a high precision double input high speed slewing drive for customers, which is used on automation equipment. Slewing drive adopts 0 clearance design to ensure the stability and accuracy in use, double input design greatly eliminates tooth backlash. Our customers use two servo motors to eliminate tooth backlash through control system, reducing the tooth backlash to almost 0. In this way, the rotational accuracy of the slewing drive can be better performed, and the worm gear is made of aluminum bronze material, which effectively improves the slewing drive rotational speed.


Slewing drive gear ratio: 86


Rated output speed: 10rpm


Rotation center diameter: 343mm


Total height: 108mm


Return clearance: ≤0.25mm


copper worm gear slewing drive copper worm gear slewing drive

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