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Gear type slewing drive with integrated casting base

Publish time:2023/11/07 Latest Products Views:11

Model: S-II-O-0541


Type: spur gear slewing drive


Slewing drive gear ratio: 7.00


Rotation center diameter: 541mm


Total height: 430mm


Gear backlash: ≤0.15mm

Product Details

S-II-O-0541 gear type integrated base slewing drive is used on special automation equipment. The customer has precise control over product costs and requires higher precision for the slewing drive. After continuous communication and improvement between U-TRSM design engineers and the customer, the base and rotary platform were finally concentrated on the slewing drive itself. This greatly reduces manufacturing cost, eliminates the intermediate adapter flange, makes the slewing drive and base integrated with the rotary platform, reduces the customer’s installation time, improves the efficiency, and the various components are processed together, which better maintains accuracy and consistency during the processing process.

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