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External gear slew drive used on special equipment

Publish time:2021/06/11 Latest Products Views:694

Model: S-I-O-0229


Type: External gear reverse direction flange


Spur gear slewing drive gear ratio: 5.40


Rated output torque: 2659N.M


Rotation center diameter: 229mm


Total height with adapter flange: 90mm


Gear backlash ≤0.2mm

Product Details

S-I-O-0229 Spur gear slew drives are installed horizontally on special equipment.


Operating conditions: large tilting moment, high speed, large inertias, large impact load.


According to the above working conditions, the slewing bearings are designed in accordance with large tilting moment and adopt a small clearance and high precision design to ensure stable rotation of the slew drives at high speeds. The teeth adopt surface induction hardening to ensure large output torque and wear resistance. The tooth core is soft, it has good impact resistance and is suitable for large inertia and large impact load. The housings are made of nodular cast iron QT450-10, which has excellent mechanical properties, high stability, wear resistance and shock resistance. The housing surfaces are powder-coated/spray treatment, rust-proof and beautiful. Before spraying, phosphating treatment is carried out to improve anti-rust ability and adhesion of spray. The input flanges are designed and manufactured according to the dimensions of the customer’s motor output. The customers can directly connect the motors, providing customers with great convenience, reducing connecting parts, increasing stability, saving space, reducing the dimensions of the whole machine and also reducing costs.


spur gear slew drive


SP-I-229 Spur gear slew drive is a small size and light load series of slewing drives. It is characterized by small size, high speed, and moderate gear ratio. It is the preferred choice for the rotating part of lightweight and compact equipment. The Unique Transmission can also customize smaller-sized spur gear slew drives for customers, even can customize small internal gear slew drive with module 2. The customer needs are the power source for the design of Unique Transmission. If you just need it, please contact us to design and manufacture your own slewing reduction unit.

External gear slew drive used on special equipment
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External gear slew drive used on special equipment
This article introduces a new type of slew drive designed by U-TRSM, which is used in special mechanical equipment.
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