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Deformation control of slewing drive housing casting

Publish time:2023/12/16 News Views:57

When designing slewing drive products, U-TRSM design engineers often encounter non-standard designs, such as casting the housing and the equipment base as one piece, extending the housing outside to increase the location of the mounting holes and other ways. So in the housing casting, the reasonable design of wall thickness, bottom plate, rib plate thickness and other dimensions is particularly important. Proper design can greatly reduce weight and cost. The non-standard housing casting method usually adopts sand casting, and its deformation control method is probably achieved by the following methods:


1. Optimisation of mould design: When designing a mould, the amount of shrinkage and deformation during its casting process should be taken into account.


2. Optimisation of the casting process: In the casting process, the various casting process parameters (sand mold temperature, pouring temperature, cooling speed, etc.) should be strictly controlled to control the cooling shrinkage deformation of the castings.


3. Auxiliary support design: In the case of large or thin-walled designs, the addition or subtraction of auxiliary support structures (rib plates, support columns, etc.) can be considered to increase the rigidity and stability of the mould.


4. Optimisation of the casting structure: Reasonable and effective distribution of casting materials and weight.


5. Using correction equipment: For castings with deformation, equipment such as presses and correction machines can be used to restore the shape and size of the castings.


The deformation control of sand casting needs to consider a variety of factors, and in actual production, it is necessary to continuously accumulate experience and adjust process parameters to achieve the goal of deformation control.

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