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Analysis of the casting method of the slewing drive housing

Publish time:2023/08/17 News Views:96

The housing of the slewing drive is usually completed by casting, generally using nodular cast iron QT450-10, which has good fluidity, large body shrinkage but small line shrinkage, good comprehensive mechanical properties, high modulus of elasticity, good abrasion resistance, good impact resistance, good fatigue strength and other characteristics. These determine the great advantages of the nodular cast iron QT450-10 as a housing for slewing drives. There are many ways of housing casting, the following is the introduction of the two commonly used casting methods:

slewing drive housing

Sand casting: castings are made from molding materials such as moulding sand and core sand, and liquid metal is filled into the casting under gravity to produce castings. This casting method is flexible and adaptable to both large and small castings. Materials are widely used, with greater design flexibility and low production costs. Mainly used for single piece, small batch, and large batch production.


Metal mold casting: the process of manufacturing castings using metal materials and pouring molten metal into the mold under gravity to obtain the castings. A metal mold can be poured hundreds or tens of thousands of times, so metal mold casting, also known as permanent mold casting, is suitable for mass production of products with complex shapes. Due to the good thermal conductivity and large heat capacity of metals, they cool quickly. In the same alloy case, the casting structure is tight, the mechanical properties are good, the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness are good, and the quality stability is good.


The above is a brief introduction to the casting method of the slewing drive housing. The housing used in the slewing drive production of the U-TRSM generally adopts these two methods. Generally, these methods can meet the usage requirements. If the customer has special needs, we will design them specifically to meet the usage needs.

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