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Advantages of using spline connection for slewing drives

Publish time:2024/01/19 News Views:72

In the design process of slewing drives, sometimes spline connections are used. What are the advantages of using spline connections?


1. More teeth, strong load capacity: The number of teeth of the involute spline is more, the teeth root has high hardness and can withstand larger loads, the more teeth can distribute the transmission of large loads and improve the overall load capacity.


2. Easy centering and high installation accuracy: The tooth profile is involute design, which can be centred automatically for easy installation and can ensure high installation accuracy.


3. Good transmission effect and high stability: The tooth profile is a continuous arc, which can smoothly transmit power, reduce vibration and shock, and improve the stability and reliability of transmission.


4. Simple structure and low manufacturing cost: Low manufacturing cost, easy to produce and maintain.


5. Strong adaptability: Suitable for connection in various mechanical transmission systems, different working environments and conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, corrosion and other environments.


6. Long life: Long life, can ensure the durability of the connection.


In practical applications, the appropriate type and specification of involute spline can be selected according to specific requirements.

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