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Advantages and disadvantages of double lead worm in slewing drive

Publish time:2023/12/28 News Views:24

In some non-standard worm gear and worm design, for high precision and high efficiency working conditions, the design engineers of U-TRSM will recommend the double-lead worm design. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of double-lead worm in use? Please see the following:


1. High efficiency, double-lead worm has a larger tooth contact area and a larger number of meshing teeth, which can withstand higher loads and torques, and the transmission efficiency is higher than ordinary worm gear and worm.


2. Smooth transmission, the double-lead worm has a relatively large helix angle and a large number of teeth, thus enabling smooth transmission and greatly reducing vibration and noise.


3. Long life, double lead worm material and heat treatment process requirements are higher, so the life will be longer than ordinary worm drive.


4. High precision, the tooth profile and helix angle of the double-lead worm are precisely calculated, with high precision and high stability, can achieve accurate transmission ratios.


So why do not use double-lead worm in many working conditions? The main reason is that the cost is higher and it is more suitable for special occasions. The main disadvantages are as follows:


1. Difficult to process, need to use professional equipment and workers for operation.


2. High cost and relatively expensive.


Its disadvantages are mainly focus on the difficulty of machining.

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