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A qualified slewing bearing requires a lot of people’s efforts

Publish time:2021/07/28 News Views:436

Slewing bearing production and manufacturing generally follow this order: forging-tempering-turning-quenching-gear machining-matching clearance-assembly and delivery. The manufacturing of slewing bearings requires lathes, gear machining equipment, quenching equipment, grinders, etc. Everyone often sees these equipments and they are all familiar with them. Equipment is an indispensable hardware condition for the manufacture of slewing bearings. However, it is far from enough to rely on equipment to produce good quality slewing bearings, it also requires strong soft power. For example, an experienced technical team that is good at innovation, reasonable manufacturing processes, skilled technical workers and serious and responsible inspectors, the team also needs to have the spirit of craftsmanship.


Design slewing bearing


An excellent technical team is the basis for a good slewing bearing. Without an excellent technical team, there will be no good technology. Without good technology, no matter how good a skilled worker is, no qualified finished product can be produced. An excellent technical team cannot be breaked away from the production line. The design plan and process route must be recorded and analyzed on the production line to improve the unreasonable and implement reasonable and efficient plans and processes. Only through long-term repeated analysis and improvement can the manufacturing process continue to be optimized, when new challenges are meet, can we be comfortable with it. With a large amount of practical accumulation and continuous analysis, we can scientifically formulate a reasonable plan in the face of new products and new processes.


An excellent technical team must often appear in the front line of after-sales service. Only by going to the site can we fully understand the working conditions of the slewing bearing and understand the specific use of the product, can also quickly solve problems for customers and accumulate first-hand information for subsequent slewing bearing improvements or for customers to propose reasonable overall solutions. After the after-sales service is completed, it is necessary to write an after-sales service summary, the team discusses and exchanges information, records and archives, regularly conduct after-sales service review and analysis, track the improved use of the product. Through this scientific and reasonable analysis and accumulation, the team will quickly accumulate rich practical experience and lay a solid foundation for the design and production of good products.


A reasonable process has been worked out, skilled technicians are necessary to turn the drawings into parts, skilled technical workers can use their skilled technology to process qualified parts according to the drawings’ requirements. Each qualified size is the basis of qualified products. Various problems will be encountered in production and processing, experienced masters can always solve on-site problems quickly and meet the process requirements one after another.


The worker has made the product, someone needs to confirm the quality of the product, The inspector is responsible for confirming whether the size of the part is qualified. In addition to the size, the inspector must also conduct material testing, hardness testing, flaw detection and confirmation of the rotation of the finished product. Professional and responsible inspectors are the prerequisite and core of slewing bearing quality control.


Through the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that equipment is a necessary condition for making good products, people are the soul of making good products, excellent professionals are the company’s soft power, including technical team, production team and quality control team. With an excellent team, you have the strength to make good products and unlimited creativity.

A qualified slewing bearing requires a lot of people's efforts
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A qualified slewing bearing requires a lot of people's efforts
The production of qualified slewing bearings requires the joint efforts of designers, workers, inspectors and many others.
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