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2-S-I-O-0411 bipolar reverse input slewing drive

Publish time:2023/09/08 Latest Products Views:94

Model: 2-S-I-O-0411


Type: bipolar slewing drive


Slewing drive gear ratio: 8.40


Rated output torque: 3415N.M


Rotation center diameter: 411mm


Total height with adapter flange: 111mm


Gear backlash: ≤0.25mm

Product Details

We have 3 series of standard gear type slewing drive products. At the initial stage of design, customers will refer to our standard products for design, and as the design goes deeper and the equipment gradually takes shape, there will be all kinds of special requirements, such as changing the size, changing the gear ratio, changing the center distance, changing the bolt connection method, and changing the position of lubrication holes, and so on.


First of all, we have to carefully understand the customer’s requirements, and then carry out rigorous calculations, verification, design, and provide solutions. Many times, in order to meet customer’s requirements, we need to repeatedly consider and continuously improve, and do our best to provide high-quality solutions for customers. Although the design process is often difficult, we prefer to say yes to our clients.


2-S-I-O-0411 bipolar reverse input slewing drive is because the customer’s turntable size is too large, installation space is limited, need to increase the center distance, and the output torque is large, high speed, we are required to design non-standard solutions. In the end, U-TRSM designed and produced this slewing drive, and product has performed well on customer’s equipment, and every time we do this, we feel an inexplicable sense of pride.

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